EY Cycling Tour Challenge


Due to the new COVID-19 measures, the EY Cycling Tour has unfortunately been postponed until further notice. 
But the Challenge is still on!

Our 19 EY colleagues who are participating in the EY Cycling Tour are challenged to collect a grouptarget cycling kms in two weeks time.
If all 19 teams hit their target on time, we collect €2000 for our EY For Life charity project 'Make A Wish'.

And you can help them to achieve their target! 
Join their team and let your cycling kms contribute to the team's total.

(!) Although we'll use a NEW FORMAT:
We start now with a light version with a grouptarget of 300 km.
Later on this year, when the Cycling Tour has been rescheduled, a full-version of the Cycling Tour Challenge - with a larger grouptarget - will take place.

Both the light and full version has to be completed successfully to collect the bonus fee of €2000 for our EY For Life project.

More info about this challenge and how it works, you can find below on this page.

Good luck!

Ride E-Bike Ride Handcycle Virtual Ride
Movement type Personal min. contribution Start time End time
Distance (meters) 100 m 05-04-2021 00:01 19-04-2021 23:59

Groups 19

No. Name Members Minimum total
1 TEAM Philippe Verhoeven 6 300,00 km Login to join team
2 TEAM Niels De Graeve 7 300,00 km Login to join team
3 TEAM Bjorn Gossye 3 300,00 km Login to join team
4 TEAM Olivier Loosvelt 4 300,00 km Login to join team
5 TEAM Ronald Van den Ecker 6 300,00 km Login to join team
6 TEAM Thomas Willekens 7 300,00 km Login to join team
7 TEAM Rainer Vansassenbroeck 11 300,00 km Login to join team
8 TEAM Ludovic Deprez 6 300,00 km Login to join team
9 TEAM Bernadette Rademaekers 6 300,00 km Login to join team
10 TEAM Michaël Vandendriessche 13 300,00 km Login to join team
11 TEAM Steve Saelens 11 300,00 km Login to join team
12 TEAM Thijs Deweerdt 6 300,00 km Login to join team
13 TEAM Steve Gilis 4 300,00 km Login to join team
14 TEAM Tristan Dhondt 8 300,00 km Login to join team
15 TEAM Hannah Van Mael 9 300,00 km Login to join team
16 TEAM Jessy Janssens 5 300,00 km Login to join team
17 TEAM Carine Stevens 11 300,00 km Login to join team
18 TEAM Sievert Ver Eecke 5 300,00 km Login to join team
19 TEAM Andy Deprez 7 300,00 km Login to join team

Registered colleagues 119

1 TEAM Philippe Verhoeven
  • Jan Bevers Jan Bevers
  • Frederik Verstraeten Frederik Verstraeten
  • Matthieu Desloovere Matthieu Desloovere
  • Jelle Leus Jelle Leus
  • Stefan Joos Stefan Joos
  • Jasmine Raes Jasmine Raes
2 TEAM Niels De Graeve
  • Niels De Graeve Niels De Graeve
  • Sem Paes Sem Paes
  • Koen Bonnast Koen Bonnast
  • Hans Arnold Hans Arnold
  • Adeline Soret Adeline Soret
  • Pieter Reynaers Pieter Reynaers
  • Elien Vloemans Elien Vloemans
3 TEAM Bjorn Gossye
  • Bjorn Gossye Bjorn Gossye
  • Michiel Van Miert Michiel Van Miert
  • jasper godderis jasper godderis
4 TEAM Olivier Loosvelt
  • Olivier Loosvelt Olivier Loosvelt
  • Jochen Heymans Jochen Heymans
  • Shauni Denys Shauni Denys
  • Edward Debruyne Edward Debruyne
5 TEAM Ronald Van den Ecker
  • Ronald Van den Ecker Ronald Van den Ecker
  • Christophe Beckers Christophe Beckers
  • Anton Stappers Anton Stappers
  • Kélian Helsen Kélian Helsen
  • Jeroen Vriends Jeroen Vriends
  • Stef Neefs Stef Neefs
6 TEAM Thomas Willekens
  • Thomas Willekens Thomas Willekens
  • Joris Carpentier Joris Carpentier
  • Bert Guenter Bert Guenter
  • Véronique Gorré Véronique Gorré
  • Annick Duchateau Annick Duchateau
  • Sofie Verdonck Sofie Verdonck
  • Anthony De Bisschop Anthony De Bisschop
7 TEAM Rainer Vansassenbroeck
  • Rainer Vansassenbroeck Rainer Vansassenbroeck
  • Pliez Michael Pliez Michael
  • Evy De Ketelaere Evy De Ketelaere
  • Gianna Gelin Gianna Gelin
  • Sandra Depreitere Sandra Depreitere
  • carine vanpoucke carine vanpoucke
  • Sarah Vanoverberghe Sarah Vanoverberghe
  • Ruben Vansever Ruben Vansever
  • Alexis Beernaert Alexis Beernaert
  • Fojan Sadeghieh Fojan Sadeghieh
  • Ellen Vervynckt Ellen Vervynckt
8 TEAM Ludovic Deprez
  • Ludovic Deprez Ludovic Deprez
  • Omer Turna Omer Turna
  • Christophe Milde Christophe Milde
  • Thibaut Milecan Thibaut Milecan
  • Mathias De Mulder Mathias De Mulder
  • Francis Boelens Francis Boelens
9 TEAM Bernadette Rademaekers
  • Bé Rademaekers Bé Rademaekers
  • lena plas lena plas
  • Thibo Moors Thibo Moors
  • kris Volkaerts kris Volkaerts
  • Armin Vanaschen Armin Vanaschen
  • Valerie De Ryck Valerie De Ryck
10 TEAM Michaël Vandendriessche
  • Michaël Vandendriessche Michaël Vandendriessche
  • Rutger Janssens Rutger Janssens
  • Gilles Jacobs Gilles Jacobs
  • Kevin Desmijter Kevin Desmijter
  • Julien Dahin Julien Dahin
  • David Malfait David Malfait
  • Tim Vaes Tim Vaes
  • kris Volkaerts kris Volkaerts
  • Arno De Clippeleir Arno De Clippeleir
  • Alissa Popova Alissa Popova
  • Charlotte Desombere Charlotte Desombere
  • Lies Van Hemelrijck Lies Van Hemelrijck
  • Thomas Jacobs Thomas Jacobs
11 TEAM Steve Saelens
  • Steve Saelens Steve Saelens
  • Kristel Moonens Kristel Moonens
  • Franky Pé Franky Pé
  • Dhondup Norbu Dhondup Norbu
  • Wouter Op de Beeck Wouter Op de Beeck
  • Fabian Frete Fabian Frete
  • Marianna Sica Marianna Sica
  • Joost christiaens Joost christiaens
  • Maxim Mathues Maxim Mathues
  • Nathan De Brauwer Nathan De Brauwer
  • Admin B D Admin B D
12 TEAM Thijs Deweerdt
  • Thijs Deweerdt Thijs Deweerdt
  • Willem Leyn Willem Leyn
  • Jean-Louis De Beurme Jean-Louis De Beurme
  • Joachim Van Caeneghem Joachim Van Caeneghem
  • Jorden Van Maldeghem Jorden Van Maldeghem
  • Xavier Helin Xavier Helin
13 TEAM Steve Gilis
  • Steve Gilis Steve Gilis
  • Warre Van Den Steen Warre Van Den Steen
  • Grégoire Dussart Grégoire Dussart
  • kris Volkaerts kris Volkaerts
14 TEAM Tristan Dhondt
  • Nick Van Gils Nick Van Gils
  • kris Volkaerts kris Volkaerts
  • Nicholas Merriman Nicholas Merriman
  • Tristan DHONDT Tristan DHONDT
  • Ellen Verhoeven Ellen Verhoeven
  • Stijn Vanhees Stijn Vanhees
  • Jelena Zivkovic Jelena Zivkovic
  • Marc Cosaert Marc Cosaert
15 TEAM Hannah Van Mael
  • Ellen Dieltiens Ellen Dieltiens
  • Hannah Van Mael Hannah Van Mael
  • Anton Verwaest Anton Verwaest
  • Louise Stubbe Louise Stubbe
  • William Van Mael William Van Mael
  • Frederik Moonen Frederik Moonen
  • Josip Priels Josip Priels
16 TEAM Jessy Janssens
  • nicolas bracquez nicolas bracquez
  • François Marlière François Marlière
  • David Malfait David Malfait
  • Céline Vanslembrouck Céline Vanslembrouck
  • Charlotte Van de Mosselaer Charlotte Van de Mosselaer
17 TEAM Carine Stevens
  • Carine Stevens Carine Stevens
  • Jan Bevers Jan Bevers
  • Omer Turna Omer Turna
  • Kristel Moonens Kristel Moonens
  • carine vanpoucke carine vanpoucke
  • Matthieu Desloovere Matthieu Desloovere
  • Wouter Op de Beeck Wouter Op de Beeck
  • Marleen Maes Marleen Maes
  • Evelien Baute Evelien Baute
  • Linda Van Oost Linda Van Oost
18 TEAM Sievert Ver Eecke
  • Seppe Peeters Seppe Peeters
  • Jelle Leus Jelle Leus
  • Dhondup Norbu Dhondup Norbu
  • Jan Bevers Jan Bevers
  • sievert ver eecke sievert ver eecke
19 TEAM Andy Deprez
  • Ward Vondeling Ward Vondeling
  • Anton Verwaest Anton Verwaest
  • Grégoire Dussart Grégoire Dussart
  • Julien Dahin Julien Dahin
  • Riccardo Magnani Riccardo Magnani
  • Domien Delputte Domien Delputte
  • Reza Guillaume Reza Guillaume
Live ranking
  • 1 TEAM Philippe Verhoeven
  • 2 TEAM Niels De Graeve
  • 3 TEAM Bjorn Gossye
  • 4 TEAM Olivier Loosvelt
  • 5 TEAM Ronald Van den Ecker
  • 6 TEAM Thomas Willekens
  • 7 TEAM Rainer Vansassenbroeck
  • 8 TEAM Ludovic Deprez
  • 9 TEAM Bernadette Rademaekers
  • 10 TEAM Michaël Vandendriessche
  • 11 TEAM Steve Saelens
  • 12 TEAM Thijs Deweerdt
  • 13 TEAM Steve Gilis
  • 14 TEAM Tristan Dhondt
  • 15 TEAM Hannah Van Mael
  • 16 TEAM Jessy Janssens
  • 17 TEAM Carine Stevens
  • 18 TEAM Sievert Ver Eecke
  • 19 TEAM Andy Deprez
  1. How do I participate?
    >   Login or create your Challengr account 
    >>   Click the 'Join team' button behind the team you'd like to join here above on this page.  
            Your name will now appear in the list 'registered colleagues' and you will receive a confirmation email about joining this team.
    >>>   You're on the team now!  As soon as the challenge starts, all your realtime STRAVA activities that meet the challenge parameters will be added to the teams' total.  
  2. How do I create a Challengr account?
    Click the login-button on top of this page or behind one of the teams > fill in the required fields > activate your account via the confirmation email you've received.

  3. Which activities will count?
    In this challenge, only your STRAVA activities that are marked as 'Ride', 'E-bike ride', 'Handcycle' or a manually added 'Virtual ride' of at least 100m will be able to contribute in the challenge.
    Only activities performed within the official dateframe of the challenge can contribute. 
  4. How do my STRAVA activities contribute to the challenge?
    As soon as the challenge starts (5 April 00u00) the Challengr software will start synchronising with the STRAVA account you have linked in your Challengr profile.
    Every STRAVA activity that meets the challenge parameters (in this challenge: a Ride, an E-bike ride, a Handcycle or a Virtual ride of at least 100m) will be approved by Challengr, then automatically uploaded in the challege zone and finally appear on the Social Wall of that challenge. 
  5. Can I leave or switch teams?
    Yes.  As soon as you join a team, the 'join team'-button becomes a 'leave team'-button.  
    When you leave a team, you can join another team.  From then on your new STRAVA activities will contribute in the new team.
    (!)  This functionality will be set to work from 15 April.
    You cannot transfer previous activities to your new team. Your previous performed activities will stay in the team you've left.
    You cannot join two or more teams at once.
  6. Can I modify the way my STRAVA activities appear on the company Social Wall?
    Yes.  You can adjust these settings in your Profile page.
    You can chose not to display the exacte time (hour of the day) of your activity, as well as not to show the exact location of it.
    The communication of the city in which your activity took place, as well as the date (dd/mm/yyyy) of it cannot be switched off.


  1. Can I participate without a STRAVA account?
    No.  In this challenge every participant needs a connected STRAVA account.
    It you don't have a STRAVA account yet, you can easily create one while connecting STRAVA in your Challengr profile.
  2. How do I connect to STRAVA?
    >   First you need to create a Challengr account by clicking the login-button on top of this page.
    >>   In your personal PROFILE you can now connect to STRAVA
  3. How long do I stay connected to STRAVA?
    The linking of your STRAVA account to your Challengr account will stay unchanged after you've linked them for the first time.  Although it is possible you will need to update the connection, for example when STRAVA has changed his General Terms. 
    But, the real connection between STRAVA and Challengr will only become active in the exact time-frame of a challenge in which you participate.  The Challengr software will not synchronise or communicate with your STRAVA account on moments not within a challenge in which you participate.
  4. Can I see when my STRAVA connection is correctly attached?
    Yes.  In your personal Profile page the button of 'STRAVA connection' needs to be in the colour green.  When it's not, you need to (re-)connect your STRAVA account.
  5. How often do my Challengr account & STRAVA communicate?
    The syncing between Challengr & STRAVA will happen every 20 minutes.  The the just performed STRAVA activities that are present in your STRAVA profile on those particulair moments, will be uploaded in Challengr and be processed in the challenge you participate in.
    So, when you have completed a STRAVA activity, you can perfectly modify your STRAVA post (by adding pictures or comments for example) until the next moment of synchronization - at  midnight or noon - when the STRAVA post will be uploaded in the Challengr software.
  6. Can I modify my STRAVA activities?
    Yes.  Untill the moment your STRAVA post is uploaded in the Challengr software (at midnight or noon) you can modify your STRAVA post.  For example you can delete it, change it, add a nice picture or add a comment.
    The way how the STRAVA post will appear on the Social Wall you can modify in the privacy settings of your Challengr Profile page.


Do you have further questions, experience a problem or need some help in finding your way through Challengr?

Please send us an email, we're happy to help you out!